Experience High Quality, High Productivity and High Added Value:
The New “eXtreme” One-Sided Printing Press Gives You
New Flexibility and Performance

The new eXtreme is appropriately named. A next-generation one-sided printing press, it combines a number of innovative technologies with the passion for quality that has made Akiyama world-famous.
Its awesome flexibility and performance provide a superior printing solution that no rival can hope to match. With its high-speed, reliable digital quality management system and improved accuracy, the eXtreme accelerates the evolution of one-sided printing presses.

From thin paper to cardboard . . .

The eXtreme lets you print on a wide variety of papers, including thin wrapping paper, papers used for flyers, catalogues, posters, brochures, art books and even cardboard used in package printing.

Paper is not the only substrates the
eXtreme can print.

It can print on a variety of materials including polyvinyl chloride as used in desk pads and file cases, plastic cards such as playing cards and prepaid cards, and even sheets of seals and labels.

The eXtreme handles glossy print and
mat printing with equal ease.

The eXtreme's inline coating system lets you run the coating process along with the printing process, producing a glossy or matted look to the printed sheet.

The eXtreme -- A New Standard in One-Sided Printing Presses:
A New-Concept Cylinder Configuration Provides Infinite Performance Potential

Non-Stop Feeder
The auxiliary sheet holder facilitates continuous sheet feeding during the print run.

Sucker Air-Speed Follow-Up Mechanism

Feeder Static Eliminator System
This system removes static electricity from the sheets as they are delivered from the feeder.

Suction-Tape Feeder Table

Anti-Curl System in the Infeed Section
Air is supplied via the opening of the infeed section to prevent the sheet from traveling beyond the specified position, while at the same time the gripper side of the sheet is flattened.

Swing Fan-Out Prevention Mechanism
When the sheet is transferred from the swing to the transfer cylinder, its gripper end is straightened to prevent fanning as the sheet is printed.

Swing Air-Blower System
Air is blown onto the gripper end of the sheet as it is transferred by the swing, thus lifting the sheet and holding it flat during the transfer. This also prevents the sheet from being scratched or marked by the swing gripper.

Transfer Cylinder Air-Blower System
Air is blown onto the transfer cylinder as it passes the sheet onto the impression cylinder, thus preventing the sheet from wrapping itself around the transfer cylinder.

Inker Clutch
Each unit not used in multicolor printing can be separated from the inking drive with a touch of a button at the touch panel in the delivery section. This reduces roller wear and saves on power consumption.

Nip Cocking Follow-Up Mechanism
for Ink/Water Form Rollers
Fluctuation in the nip pressure on the plate surface is prevented for both the water and ink form rollers during cylinder cocking, thus eliminating the problems associated with varying nip pressures during cylinder cocking.

Automatic Ink-Roller Cleaning System
The inking rollers and water rollers of all units can be cleaned automatically via touch-panel operation.

Automatic Blanket Cleaning System
A roll of cleaning cloth impregnated with a cleaning solution ensures operator safety and environmentally responsible maintenance. Simultaneous cleaning further reduces the consumption of energy and resources.

Inker Temperature-Control System

Ink Roller Configuration

Cylinder Configuration
The eXtreme’s unique cylinder configuration features a double-diameter impression cylinder and triple-diameter transfer cylinder that help prevent the sheet from being scratched or marked during transfer. Ample clearance between units further enhance operability. The plate cylinders are designed so that they always remain in the same position relative to one another.

Gripper Changer System
The height of the transfer-cylinder gripper pad can be changed to facilitate changes in sheet type from thin paper to cardboard.

Sheet Anti-Shift System
Touch-panel control automatically prevents the dropping of sheets during racking board operation. This also prevents the sheets from shifting laterally within the system.

Delivery Automatic paper release
Adjustment Mechanism

The paper release timing in the delivery section is automatically adjusted from low to high in accordance with the press speed.

Delivery Control Panel

Coater Unit
The roller coater and chamber coater are optional as custom specifications.

Long Delivery System
The eXtreme press can be equipped with an infrared drying system or UV curing system depending on the coating specifications.

Innovative Mechanisms for the Ultimate in Printing Quality
The new-concept cylinder configuration, field-proven shock-free system
and high-performance printing control systems deliver printing
at a quality far beyond what an ordinary press can offer.

Inker Temperature-Control System

A total of three inker temperature-control rollers are provided, including one ink fountain roller and two ink oscillation rollers. This stabilizes the temperature of the ink rollers and plate surface, which produces a consistent supply of ink.

Roller Configuration

A continuous dampening system provides uniform dampening of the plate surface, while the four ink/water form rollers, each different in size, ensure accurate ink control. Together, these functions deliver a consistently high-quality printed result.

Shock-Free System

Akiyama's innovative "double-cam system" is featured in the gripper open/close mechanism for infeed cylinders. This technology synchronizes the opening/closing of the grippers on the right and left sides during sheet transfer, resulting in smoother operation, the prevention of fan-out and unrivaled accuracy of registration.

ACM (Akiyama Color Management) System and
ACC Operation Stand

Akiyama offers a selection of color measurement modes including Inline Densitometer, Inline Spectrophotometer which scans the color bar of the printed product and measures data for color management. The user can use the ink-key preset function through input of CIP3/CIP4 (PPF) data from the prepress or data from the plate scanner, as well as the centralized printing-operation function, in order to feed back the measured color data from the ACM system. The digital work flow process ensures controlled quality management.

Pre-Inking System

The pre-inking system consists of a pre-inking function, inking control function and sheet-off function. These functions reduce the make-ready time while minimizing paper waste.

A Faster, More Reliable All-in-One System Achieves Amazing Productivity

The new eXtreme is a high-performance, multicolor one-sided printing press designed to meet the modern need for productivity, accuracy and quality. Its stable feeder action and a delivery control panel that centrally controls all printing processes make the eXtreme a cutting-edge, all-in-one printing press.
The maximum sheet size has also been increased for unsurpassed economy. In all, the new eXtreme multicolor one-sided printing press represents the perfect integration of productivity and efficiency.


Stable Feeder
Suction-tape feeder table: The feeder table adopts an air suction tape that ensures a stable transfer of sheets.
Sucker air-speed follow-up mechanism: The timing of air supply is automatically adjusted to the cylinder speed. Since air is supplied at a constant rate at all times, sheets can be fed consistently at any speed from low to high.
Printing speed of 16,000 sheets per hour.

Increased Maximum Paper Size
The eXtreme can handle sheets of various sizes up to
740 x 1,040 mm, which means greater versatility.


Increased Maximum Paper Size
All actions and components “including sheet size preset, impression preset, auto plate changer, inker clutch and ink-roller cleaning” can be set from the touch panel.

Product System
The central control panel in the delivery section uses a preprogrammed sequence to execute all steps, from the startup of the main press and sheet feed to impression on and high-speed printing. Thus, one person can operate the entire system.

Auto Plate Changer
One of the eXtreme’s many unique features is that its plate cylinders always remain in the same relative position. By utilizing this function, a printing plate can be set in a manner that ensures proper positioning for all units. No tools are needed. Simply set the lead edge of the printing plate by aligning it with the U-cut pin, and all remaining tasks such as plate clamping and tensioning are performed automatically. Thus, the eXtreme consistently delivers accurate registration.

Plate Cocking
The registration for each plate can be adjusted individually using the remote-control buttons on the ACC console. The range of adjustment for plate cocking is 0.50 mm.

Cylinder Cocking
Plate registration can be fine-tuned individually for each unit using the remote-control buttons on the ACC console. The range of adjustment for cylinder cocking is 0.15 mm.

40" Sheet

XT-440 XT-540 XT-640
Units     4/0   5/0   6/0
Max. Printing Speed 16,000 sheets per hour
Max. Paper Size 740 mm X 1,040 mm 29 1/8" x 40 15/16"
Min. Paper Size 360 mm x 540 mm 14 1/8" x 21 1/4"
Paper Thickness 0.04 mm ~ 1.0 mm 0.0016" ~ 0.04"
Max. Image Area 710 mm x 1,020 mm 28" x 40 1/8"
Plate Size 800 mm x 1,030 mm 31 1/2" x 40 3/4"  
Blanket Size 975 mm x 1,035 mm 38 3/8" x 40 3/4"  
Max. Feeder Pile Height 1,150 mm 45"  
Max. Delivery Pile Height 1,150 mm 45"  
Overall Length     10,580 mm 34' 9"   12,000 mm 39' 5 "   13,430 mm 44' 1 "  
Overall Width 3,550 mm 11' 8"  
Overall Height 2,260mm 7' 5"  
Machine Weight     42,500Kgs 93,700lbs   51,300Kgs 113,100lbs   60,100Kgs 132,500lbs  

*Machine design and features are subject to change without notice for the purpose of
incorporating the latest technology and continuously enhancing system performance.
*The stated range of printing speeds represents mechanically feasible capabilities.
Actual speeds may vary, depending on the printing application.