The continuing evolution of Akiyama's unique concept for the one-sided printing press. Introducing the Supertech
— the new standard in high-speed printing with digital workflows!

The concept behind Akiyama's development of the Supertech press was to "achieve multiple-stock, small-lot, high-quality printing to support all types of media, from thin stock to cardboard. "Akiyama's Bestech—a pioneering one-sided press that set the mark for one-sided printing by offering a range of functions to meet customer needs—has been reborn as the Supertech while retaining the Bestech's compact profile and outstanding solid printing capability. The original design, unrivaled from the start, has now been enhanced in the Supertech, which supports higher speeds and digital workflows. Akiyama proudly presents to the world an innovative, one-sided printing press that conforms to all the major international safety standards.

A smooth sheet-transfer system supports substrates ranging from thin paper to cardboard.
Akiyama's Patented Cylinder Configuration ensures that each and every imprint will have the highest quality.

3-4-3 Cylinder Configuration

The impression cylinders have a triple-size diameter, while the transfer cylinders have a quadruple-size diameter. These large diameters facilitate the smooth transfer of stock - even cardboard. The 3-4-3 cylinder configuration also minimizes the number of sheet transfers (two times in four-color printing), so the accuracy of registration is superb. Another advantage is that the second color is printed after the printing of the first color is completed. This eliminates unwanted transfers of colors between cylinders as it prevents smudges, even in the solid printing, because the printing is completed before the sheet is transferred to the delivery system.

Sheet Thickness of 0.04 to 0.8 mm

The Supertech can print on a wide range of substrates, making it effective in the production of thin paper packaging, fliers, posters, pamphlets, photo albums and packages. It even prints on cardboard materials such as corrugated fiberboard. Add the ability to print on other substrates such as polyvinyl chloride, plastic cards and adhesive labels, and the Supertech proves that it has power through and through.

Roller Configuration

The Supertech employs a continuous dampening system that achieves uniform dampening on the plate surface, as well as an inking system that uses an innovative configuration with large-diameter rollers. Accordingly, all your finished products maintain high print quality.

Inker Temperature-Control System

Three temperature-control rollers, including one ink-fountain roller and two ink-oscillation rollers, are provided to stabilize the temperature of the ink rollers and plate surface, thereby achieving a consistent supply of ink.

Swing Fan-Out Prevention Mechanism

When the sheet is transferred from the swing in the feedboard to the infeed cylinder, tail side of the sheet is stretched to prevent fanning as the sheet is printed. Also, a fan-out function comes standard with the swing in the infeed section and the clamp of each unit, so that the Supertech can readily support various types of substrates. The standard specification lets you make fan-out adjustments manually, simply by operating the handle at the infeed section. However, the Supertech can also be ordered with the optional remote-control function that helps automate the production process.

New ACC Operation Stand

The CIP3/CIP4 (PPF) data can be entered from pre-press. Also, you can use the ink key data preset function as well as the centralized-operation function during printing, in order to feed back the measured color data from the ACM system to the ACC. Also, in the new ACC, the ink key control from the ACC to the press is processed at double speed compared with the speed in the conventional ACC. Color management is easily performed and it makes the quick start of production run possible. New ACC is equipped with its unique MIS system which enables the job control of various data such as plate making data and ink fountain data as a standard feature. This MIS system makes the repeat job easier as the past job data can be easily called out.


Akiyama offers a selection of density measurement devices including the inline densitometer and the inline spectrophotometer, which scans the color bar of the printed sheet and measures the data for color management. Also, automatic ink key control by feedback from the measured color date from ACM is possible.

Shock-Free System

Akiyama's innovative "double-cam system" is featured in the gripper open/close mechanism for infeed cylinders. This technology synchronizes the opening/closing of the grippers on the right and left sides during sheet transfer, resulting in smoother operation, the prevention of fan-out and unrivaled accuracy of registration.

Air Sidelay

Newly developed air-type sidelay is equipped in Supertech. With these sidelays you no longer have to worry about the sheet sustaining scratch marks, even when printing on cardboard.

Overrun Prevention Measure

To prevent the sheet from traveling beyond the head stops in high-speed print runs, a vacuum wheel is provided in the center and sidelay sections. An auxiliary head-stop is also equipped to improve the detection of overrun. If an overrun is detected, paper feed will be stopped instantly.

Supersonic Double-Sheet Detection System

This system sends supersonic waves over the sheets delivered from the feeder, so that even minute changes in sheet condition are detected. If a double sheet is detected, the system will stop the feeder.

Outstanding performance is the result of our quest to achieve the ultimate in production efficiency.

Printing Speed of 16,500 sph

The printing speed has improved significantly. In fact, the Supertech supports printing speeds of up to 16,500 sheets per hour!

Gripper Quick Change System

The height of the gripper base for the infeed cylinder and transfer cylinders is adjustable at the touch of a button. This makes it easy to switch from thin sheets to cardboard or vice versa.

Sheet-Release Cam Speed-Alignment Mechanism

The sheet-release timing in the delivery section is automatically adjusted to match the printing speed.

Suction-Tape Feeder with Improved Sucker-Head Durability

The feeder table employs an air-suction tape that creates a vacuum to reliably pick up and transfer the sheet to the feedboard at high speed. The feeder also comes with an improved sucker head. Greater overall rigidity ensures stable sheet-feed at any rate of speed.

Stream Feeder

The number of air blow sheet separators has been increased from two to four, providing an increase in air volume. Also, the pick-up suckers have been increased from two to four as a means to increase the operation speed, while the operating speed of the forwarding sucker has been raised and a center air blower added. These features ensure stable, reliable sheet-feed, even in high-speed print runs.

Direct Coupling of Suction Wheel and Drive Motor

By the direct coupling of the suction wheel and drive motor, Akiyama has eliminated the problems such as improper revolution by accumulated spray powder, chain elongation, and the noise.

The Supertech opens a door to infinite possibilities and creates high added value.
It's the system designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of today's printers and customers.

Space-Saving Design

The 3-4-3 cylinder configuration produces a footprint which is more compact than the models that use the standard cylinder configuration. In fact, the length of the Supertech 440 is generally equal to that of a 32-inch four-color printing press. The Supertech lets you use your factory space more effectively and efficiently while achieving better results with each and every job.

Waterless Printing

The inker temperature-control system is a standard feature, so the Supertech supports the more environmentally friendly waterless printing process. The press can also be ordered with an optional temperature-control system for the oscillation rollers and/or ink fountain rollers.

Easy Operation founded on the Human Engineering

The locations and shapes of various switches and covers have been revised, while the space between units has been increased. Every operator will find that the Supertech is a pleasure to use.

Chamber Coater (Optional Feature)

Chamber Coater for water-base varnish coating or UV varnish coating can be equipped as an optional feature.

Specifications/Model SUPERTECH440 SUPERTECH540 SUPERTECH640
Number of colors
Max. printing speed (sheets/hour) 4,000 - 16,500
Max. sheet size (mm) 720 x 1,020
Min. sheet size (mm) 360 x 540
Paper thickness (mm) 0.04 x 0.8
Max. image area (mm) 710 x 1,020
Plate size (mm) 800 x 1,030
Blanket size (mm) 975 x 1,035
Max. feeder pile height (mm) 1,150
Max. delivery pile height (mm) 1,100
Press length (mm) 8,368 10,415 10,415
Press width (mm) 3,900
Press height (mm)
Press weight (kg)
49,000 49,500
Power requirements (kW) 50.5 60.5 80.5
*Machine design and features are subject to change without notice for the purpose of product improvement and technological progress.
*The stated speed indicates machanically feasible capabilities. Actual speed may vary, depending on the printing image and paper type.